Taking Buzzfeed Quizzes Does Not an Internship Make

From what I can gather, the nature of internships is to provide interns with a project that spans over 2 months which, in actuality, takes about 2 hours to complete. This leaves interns free to troll Buzzfeed, Facebook, and just about every other time wasting site on the Internet. To be fair, the majority of my internship was not filled with time-wasting and the appearance of work. The majority of my internship was work, but there was an entire week during which I had absolutely no projects. I repeatedly asked by boss for something to do, and he afforded me the odd project during this week, but was not entirely up front about the lack of work. I think he just expected projects to take me longer. The other interns spent two days working on projects that took me half a day; because of the nature of my writing experience, I simply write and edit quickly. In the end, this week was not entirely wasted. I made sure to put my time to good use – I started teaching myself how to code using CodeAcademy and wrote articles for school newspaper. When having my final chat with my boss, I did let him know that while he did a good job giving me meaningful work rather than busy work, I would have appreciated if he had been more up front about the lack of work. Overall, I think I did all I could to use my time well. For that brief period of time without work, I made a point to ask my boss for work and make it clear that I had nothing to do. I also tried to make use of that time so it wouldn’t be a waste. From what I can gather from talking to my friends about their internships, they had far less work and were much more bored than I was. Plus, their work was often busy work rather than meaningful and useful work. As for other challenges, I really do not think there were any. The other interns were a pleasure to work with, and my boss was helpful and provided very clear instructions and expectations.


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