Communication Culture in a Modern Office

Endeavor’s open office means that communication is often face-to-face. This has aided greatly in communication; rather than having to email my supervisor or fellow interns, I can simply walk up to them and ask any questions in person.

Quick side note: the featured image is a very cool Magritte painting called “The Empire of Light II.” Saw it at the MOMA this weekend!

Anyway,  in terms of collaboration, the open office has proved a great advantage. I find that trying to work with others and explain things via email is often frustrating and leads to miscommunication.

Although everyone certainly utilizes email and other technology, the face-to-face aspect of work makes it much more enjoyable. Having actual conversations in person makes for a much better time than emailing and spending the entire day on the Internet. While email and technology is important, I think modern offices should seek to create this open environment, where employees have the option of privacy via phone booths and conference rooms but in general are not confined to being alone. I think the happiness as well as productivity of the office is enhanced by this real-life interaction.

This is definitely not something I would have thought about prior to working at Endeavor. I would have focused on the mission of the organization rather than the culture of the office, and the unique Endeavor culture has definitely made me realize that a significant portion of job satisfaction is dependent on the “culture” and environment of the office.

On that note, I will definitely be looking for an organization with a culture similar to Endeavor. I like that people are engaged with each other while still utilizing technology in doing their work. I like that people work hard while still enjoying their day, and it seems as if the actual work being done is interesting and rewarding.

Overall, I think the communication style at Endeavor is ideal for a modern office. Everyone is certainly connected and the Internet and technology play key roles in the office, but people still take the time to collaborate and work together in person. I always notice the full-time employees in the conference rooms, often for long spans of time, working on a white board rather than a computer and with no other technology in sight. I think this mixture of technology and face-to-face interaction and collaboration is ideal and contributes to employee satisfaction.


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