Positivity and Independence: Promoting Internal Motivation

My supervisor is an incredibly positive individual, to the point where I initially took his tone as patronizing but soon realized he was being genuine in his praise.

I am not sure if it is because the sheer volume of interns he oversees or because of his working style, but my supervisor tends to leave interns to work independently. I really enjoy this independence; my supervisor will provide clear instructions for a project and then allow me to work on my own. He asks for very reasonable deadlines and encourages interns to work hard but also allows everyone to work at their own pace, particularly when writing is involved.

I love the positivity of my supervisor, as well as the independence he provides. It creates an environment where people are internally rather than externally motivated, yet are praised for working hard.

This is definitely similar to my own leadership style. I think I have more trouble letting go and allowing people to work independently, but I am working on trusting team members more and delegating. As for positivity, I am positive but also honest, and feel that my supervisor is the same way.

As a whole, this environment is ideal for me because it fits how I work as well as how I lead.


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