Week 1 in Internship Heaven

I think I’m in internship heaven.

On my first day, my boss not only allowed but actually encouraged my fellow interns and me to take a 2 hour lunch to “get to know each other.” After a fantastic and fantastically expensive lunch in the city that never sleeps, I returned to a project that seemed perfectly tailored to my interests.

My team and I were charged with editing a report on the history of Silicon Valley, which Endeavor had used to explore how such a flourishing industry developed in such an unlikely place.

As part of the Endeavor Insight team, I research and report on trends related to entrepreneurship. This can range from the history of Silicon Valley to the tendency of entrepreneurs at Endeavor’s fastest-growing companies to have learned about entrepreneurship from practical experience.

Endeavor publishes short pieces in a newsletter format in addition to longer reports, with the intent of informing policymakers about trends in the field so that they can be informed about how best to support local  entrepreneurs.

I think this is my dream job.

Seriously, everyone here is very smart and committed, and the way that Endeavor goes about making the world a better place is all about pragmatism, which I very much appreciate. The world needs smarter do-gooders, not necessarily more of them.

Plus, the Endeavor entrepreneurs themselves are amazing. I read interviews with some of the most successful of the entrepreneurs today, and each and every one of them has an amazing and unique success story, yet Endeavor is a shared and key factor in their success.

My goals for the summer are to continue to develop my professional skills. I have already learned how to make infographics, which will prove handy no matter what I choose to go in to, as well as to write long and professional reports.

In addition to these practical skills, I hope to continue to connect to my fellow interns. So far, they have all proved very interesting individuals.

I also want to see if this is a career path I might be interested. As of today, I would kill for the opportunity to work here, and I have a feeling I won’t change my mind about that.

My tangible goals for the summer are:

1- Have the ability to compile a formal report (in the Insight format) from start to finish

2- Learn how to use as many technology features as possible, with a minimum of at least 2 new skills to put on my resume that relate to research – this can include MailMerge (just learned that today!), Salesforce, etc.

Off to a great start!


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